Redeeming Grace

Airsoft Party October 2016

Saturday, October 29, 2016

The youth of Redeeming Grace Church planned another Airsoft party, which was scheduled for 10:00 AM, but mine and the Rawlings family arrived shortly before then. We were glad to later welcome members from three additional families to our group. The more, the merrier! The “party” was scheduled to end at 12:30 but, because of the time spent waiting for people to arrive, getting geared up, and taking breaks, we were only able to play three rounds of the Airsoft version of “Capture the Flag.”

Toward the end of the last round, Haydn was the only member of my team that we had lost. The other group was in jail except for Hannah, but she had to leave. When my squad began collecting prisoners, I was cast as the prison guard. Although none of the prisoners attempted to escape, there were many humorous conversations about how they were going to get rid of me. The last advance was made when my team went up the hill hoping to capture the other team’s flag, leaving me alone with the prisoners. It wasn’t until the second time Abi yelled across the property that we understood that the game had ended. I had a great time playing Airsoft with you all! I hope we can do this again soon!


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