Redeeming Grace

Cross Current October 2016

So many beautiful memories were created at Redeeming Grace Church during October’s Cross Current. Because Halloween was coming up, game time’s theme was “fear factor”. It had been rumored that we would be making smoothies with insects and then have to drink them, so many people (myself included) were considering not going. Despite this, more than the usual crowd showed up.

Although there was no smoothie making, our adrenaline went up when we were asked to smash an egg on our head, to find out whether the one we held was boiled or not. If you refused to try, one point was taken from your team. While the eggs were being passed out, I shook mine and was relieved to find it solid. As it turned out, all of the eggs were boiled. Oh, the power of suggestion XD.

The other games we played included a relay (which required us to fetch plastic crickets from a tank) and a taste test during which the adults (and a few brave youth) tried cat food. Our snacks included puppy chow but this, thankfully, was simply corn squares covered in peanut butter, chocolate, and powdered sugar. Yum! Thank you, parent-youth for making tonight so memorable. I can not wait for next month!


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