Greer Middle College

Spirit Week October 2016

Greer Middle College’s last spirit week in the Trailer Park was something else. Currently, our building to be is in progress, so all the money raised during spirit week went into our building fund. The bittersweet fact that our portables are seeing their last days landed a quote from Coach Smith on the back of our spirit week t-shirts:

“You can take the Blazers out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the Blazers.” -Coach Smith

Sweek consisted of ‘Merica Monday, Tacky Tourist Tuesday, “Heroes and Villians” on Wednesday, “Color Wars” on Thursday (the Sophomore class, my grade, was neon yellow), and #GMCcameinlikeawreckingball on Friday. When all was said and done, my fellow Blazers and I had raised $42,629.97. This total was not only higher than our rival, Brashier, but also a new record. Go, Blazers!


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