About Me

Hello! My name is Tristen Thomas. I am currently 15 years old and live in Greenville, South Carolina. I have two wonderful parents, Rick and Lucia, along with my two younger siblings, Haydn and Ansa. The five of us attend Redeeming Grace Church every Sunday at 10:00 AM (you should visit!) and in August I will be starting my Junior year of high school at Greer Middle College Charter High School, home of the Blazers, get hyped, whoop!
I love being outside in God’s creation on 80 degree days riding my bike, rollerblading, raking paths in the woods behind our house, making forts, or simply relaxing in my Eno with a good book. However, most of my time is spent doing crafty things like editing short films in iMovie, scrapbooking, photography, coloring, writing, cross-stitching, and so on. I also enjoy dressing up, cleaning/reorganizing my room, singing, and acting. I LOVE hanging out with my girls. Whether we are giving each other make-overs, creating Dubsmashes, dancing to our favorite tunes, or filming our own improv, time with them is time well spent.
I am an odd combination of social butterfly and isolated hermit who has an incomprehensible balance of girly-girl and tomboy in her. I am very loyal to those I love and quite joyful, despite my weakness for anything and everything poignant. I am a visual learner with an “I” personality so “have fun” is a phrase you will hear from me a lot. I love making people laugh but I am so black-and-white (logical) that my attempts at humor usually only receive a weak smile. Detail is practically my middle name so this perfectionist is slower than Christmas when it comes to completing the tasks on her lengthy checklist(s). I am a Geek so anything Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, or Harry Potter related is likely to pop up in one conversation or another. Diving into the deep, my heart aches for those who are hurting but my attempts to help them have landed me in more trouble than I would care to admit.
Feel free to explore my blog, comment, and subscribe so that you will know when I published more posts. You can also follow me on Instagram (tristensthomas), Pinterest (Tristen Thomas), and Flickr (tristensthomas). Thank you!


  1. Cool! We take trips to visit other relatives and their families. I have never been out west. Maybe I will take a trip over there some day.

  2. Real you are verey good and nice girl am intersting in your accuont by your woard and your pic i wish you be happy all your life ..

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