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Ansa’s 10th Birthday


This past March my little sis, who is not so little anymore, turned 10. Double digits. Wow. It’s hard to believe how hold she is getting, especially when I recall myself when I was 10.

We first celebrated her birthday at lunch with our grandparents. As a little bonus to her birthday money, Grandma let her take home a lot of flowers which decorated our home for the next week.


On the eve of her birthday, we reluctantly sent her to bed early and then followed tradition by decorating the kitchen in as many happy little girl colored streamers and balloons as we could manage.

The next morning Ansa got up much earlier than she should have, it being her birthday and all, so that we could have a birthday breakfast together before I left for school. The whole family picked me up later that day and we went on the traditional “Birthday Food Adventure” which is where we drive around town using coupons that my mom previously collected for the event. By the end of the day, we end up having leftover food from restaurants all over town.


Back home we gathered in the living room where we watched Ansa humbly open her presents. Her favorites ended up being her new Leotard and Ballet Slippers. After each family member shared one thing that we love about her, everyone moved to the kitchen where we lit the birthday candles. Once blown out we each had a bit of cake before heading to bed.


A few days after her birthday Ansa held her first official birthday party for which she dubbed me the official helper. Ansa invited two of her friends from church, Sarah and Sarah, and we spent the afternoon doing various activities including a photo shoot. All in all, I think she had an amazing birthday. Happy birthday, AK! I hope you have many, many more.




As you might know, my sister Ansa has a big heart. A VERY big heart. So when a stray began coming by our house she naturally gave it some food. Of course, this caused the cat to return again and again for more. She would arrive at our front porch around 5:30 every day. Although, after naming her, giving her more food, and making it a home, she began to come early in the morning and sit on our porch all day until someone came out with her meal.

Ansa wants to keep her so bad but we can’t due to Mom and Dad’s allergies. So Pepper now lives in Lauren’s garage and Ansa often goes there to play with her.


Poison Ansa


Our friends gave Ansa a piece of cake one night after small-group. Ansa decided that she would eat it the next day. On the way home we were talking about how when our dad was little his dad would work 3rd shift, so he slept during the day. Since he had five hungry growing boys, he would wrap his dinner in aluminum foil and write poison on it. Our dad has a habit of coming downstairs at midnight and eating anything he finds interesting (which is usually our cookies, goldfish, chips, or cake). Since Ansa wanted to eat her cake she wrote Poison Ansa on the plastic wrap that covered it. My mom found it in the oven the next day and took a pic.


Ansa’s Hairdo


One Sunday morning Ansa came downstairs and opened the shoe closet. She bent down and began searching for her shoes. When I glanced at her I exclaimed how cute the two buns she was wearing looked. She stood up, confused, and I realized that her hair was actually into two pigtails. (They just looked like buns from the angle I was looking at her.) I hopped over to her and asked if I could turn her pigtails into buns, then explained how cute they would look. She agreed, and we went to Mom’s bathroom. Once finished we went back downstairs and I took pictures.

DSCN1357 DSCN1360

Stop It!


Ansa has this habit of waking up in the middle of the night, doing something weird, falling back asleep, and waking up the next day not remembering anything. One of these times, my Dad was the witness.

He was asleep in his bed when his blanket began to slide off of him. Half asleep, he pulled it back. Again it began to slide off, and again he yanked it back.

“Stop it!” He heard a voice say. It was Ansa. She was laying on the floor at the end of the bed trying to roll up in the blanket.

Dad went to the bathroom and when he came back Ansa was gone, along with the blanket. He went to the room Ansa shares with Haydn and found her in her bed and his blanket on the floor. Chuckling, Dad retrieved his blanket and went to bed.

In the morning he told us all the story and, of course, Ansa did not remember anything.