Haydn’s 13th Birthday

Haydn turned 13 this year. I can not believe that he is officially a teenager. Some of our many Birthday Food Adventure stops included Krispy Kreme, Johnny Rockets, Red Robin, Whole Foods, Zoe’s Kitchen, Great American Cookies, Auntie Anne’s, The Beacon Drive-In, and Dairy Queen. I could not ask for a better little brother. Happy birthday, Haydn!

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Haydn’s 12th Birthday

October 2nd was Haydn’s 12th birthday. October second was also a Friday, so I had school. Friday morning the entire family woke at 6:30 with me so we could eat together. I am told Haydn and Anz went back to bed right after I was picked up.


That evening we went to Grandpa and Grandma’s house for dinner, dessert, and presents. We had a wonderful time. I am so thankful for my amazing brother (also known as, a noise with dirt on it :)). Happy birthday Buddy!

IMG_9929 IMG_9933

IMG_9943 IMG_9944


Haydn’s Pics

During one school day Haydn somehow came up with this illusion. Look at it very closely…

IMG_6415 IMG_6416


Haydn the Red Nosed Boy

The other day, as Ansa and I prepared our lunch, we didn’t really pay attention to what Haydn was doing, that is until he laid down a lid full a Ketchup and bent over it. “Are you going to put your face in that?” Ansa asked.

“Yes,” Haydn answered, and leaned forward to do it.

“Wait!” I shrieked. “Let me go get my camera!” And, to ensure he’d wait, I added, “I can write a post about you!” I raced up to my room, grabbed Mom’s iPod, and flew down the stairs. My brother! 😂 😂

IMG_0029 IMG_0030

IMG_0035 IMG_0037


Haydn’s 11th Birthday

It has become a tradition in our family to have what we call a “birthday food adventure”. Basically what happens is that my Mom will sign everyone up for the “birthday clubs” or “kids clubs” that pretty much every restaurant has. When someone’s birthday comes around she will receive coupons through mail and e-mail. Then, the week before, week of, and week after, my family and I go around town collecting free food. Along the way we take photos and Mom makes a list of everything we receive. Below are photos from Haydn’s 11th birthday food adventure.



Haydn at His Height

One cold day in January of 2013 my brother decided to find his own adventure. I was not paying attention to him I was focused on raking the paths. When he called my name I looked around and did not see him anywhere. “Look up!” He called.

I did and found him souring above the tree tops by hanging onto the top of the tallest tree around. Shocked by how high he was I ran home and returned a few mins. later, with my Mom’s phone, I took a couple pictures.

IMG_2301 Haydn