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Privileges of being 15


When your dad prefers that your beginner’s permit not be visible in any photo. ­čÖä ­čśé ­čśé

On Wednesday, November 2 Dad and I pulled up to the DMV. We waited, registered, and paid for me to take the test again. Since Friday (the day on which I made my┬áfirst attempt) I had read and highlighted the purple and gray sections in my Driver’s Manual, so I felt prepared but I was scared about the possibility of failing. Dad was really excited and I didn’t want to let him down, again. “You’re at test station two.” The lady at the counter said before using words and arm motions to direct me.

The glass-walled room was empty. I placed my hands on the bar. “Lord, give me wisdom,” I whispered┬ábefore pushing the door open.


I silently let out a deep breath. The room was full now. I had just correctly answered another question making the number I had gotten right go up to 23, while leaving the amount I had answered incorrectly remain at four, and the number I skipped at two. I quickly answered the next question (because I was familiar with it) and then:

Congratulations, Tristen! You passed your exam!

I clicked “okay” and then, for a moment, stared incredulously at the screen which now read: “Touch here to start”. That was it? Did I really just pass?

I stepped out of the room and located Dad. He looked up from his phone and motioned me to give him a thumbs up or down but I just awkwardly grinned and walked toward him, unsure of how I felt. I told him I passed and he gave me a hug. Minutes later I was holding my beginner’s permit in my hand.


As we walked toward the van, Dad held out the keys to me. “I am not driving home,” I stated and he laughed. Thanks for the offer but I did not trust myself with the task of getting the van home in one piece, let alone ourselves. Besides, I was still not very familiar with our new van.

So Dad drove. He stopped less than five minutes from home, in the Pelham Medical Center’s parking lot, and let me drive from there. He was FaceTiming Mom while I did so. I’m not sure which of the three of us was the most nervous ­čśé. I put off using the gas pedal until Dad said so and apparently there were two cars behind me, but we made it home in one piece┬áso I would say I did alright.

Haydn opened the garage┬ádoor grinning from ear to ear, the first signs of a jealousy I was soon to become more familiar with. “Did you drive home?” He asked.

“No way,” I replied. Haydn stepped back through the door and returned with Ansa, one of his hands over her eyes. When she saw me in the driver’s seat she attempted to run back inside but Haydn held her where she was.

Once in the house, I hadn’t even set down the items in my hands while Haydn had already located my Driver’s Manual, flipped through, and marked the sections he needs to study for his beginner’s permit test┬á­čśé. His turn will come….in two years or so.

Tristen’s 15th Birthday


It has almost been a year since our last get together so, I was overjoyed that each member of RAATH (Abi Rawlings, Abbie Arnold, Julia Alix, Tristen Thomas, and Heidi Haase) was able to make it to my 15th birthday party. We began the evening by making Emoji pillows while listening to our favorite tunes and catching up on each other’s lives. For dinner, we had lasagna┬áand Angel Food Cake with ice cream for dessert. Senior High (a once a month get together with my fellow high schoolers from church) happened to be on the same night as my party so┬ásince I did not want to miss it, I took my party guests to D-Group (Discipleship┬áGroup). Although we had a blast there, it was when we returned home that the real fun began.

After giving each other a makeover, my girls and I danced along to “Single Ladies” before sitting down to watch old videos of us. Next, Julia and I acted out “Defying Gravity” with her as Elphaba and myself as Galinda before all four of us danced along to “22”, the main highlight of the evening. Of course, we did much more than all that before falling asleep in the middle of my documentary on Alaska at 5:00 am. I had so much fun with my girls. Fingers crossed in hopes that we will be able to get together before my next birthday party!

Haircut 11/25/15


I was looking through old pictures recently and I came across one of me when I was about four years old. I had bangs in this certain picture and it got me thinking, maybe I should get bangs again. After some serious consideration, I finally decided to do it and love how it turned out.

IMG_0572 IMG_0585IMG_0613 IMG_0615

My Room (Fall 2015)


So for my 14th birthday I decided to get one large present, instead of a bunch of tiny ones. That big present ended up being painting my room blue. I have been wanting to paint it for a while now. Six years of pink walls and a Disney princess mural was getting a bit old. I also decided to paint the bathroom because when we have company they stay in my room and use the hall bathroom. Once painted my mom, Mrs. Jane, and me went shopping for some decorations. The two rooms are still not 100% complete but this is what we have so far.

IMG_0112 IMG_0022 IMG_0023


My LPS Drawings


As you know from my New Year 2015 post, I have finally found something I can draw, or I have become better at drawing. On our annual goal to stay up all night, Ansa and I needed something to do so I went on YouTube and looked up tutorials on how to draw one of Ansa’s favorite characters from the TV show Littlest Pet Shop: Penny Ling. About half way through Ansa lost interest but I wanted to finish. Overjoyed by how well it turned out, I decided to draw the rest of the girl main character pets: Pepper, Minka, and Zoey. Below are some pictures of the final products. (Please note that I have not finished filling in┬áZoe’s backround yet.) (Special thanks to Julia for buying me the sketchbook for my birthday.)

Penny Ling

Penny Ling


Pepper Clark



Minka Mark


Zoey Trent


I had My Hair Cut!


My hair has been waist long for most of my life. In 2010 I donated 12 inches of my hair to Locks of Love which made it ear length. I decided then that I was never going to cut my hair again and set a goal to grow my hair as long as Rupunzel’s. This year I gave up my childish dream and had my hair cut to a shoulder length in August. My Dad said this is the best hair cut I have ever had. I replied, “It’s about the only hair cut I’ve ever had.”

Photo on 4-17-14 at 9.56 PM





My 13th B-Day Food Adventure


It has become a tradition in our family to have what we call a Birthday Food Adventure whenever a family member has a birthday. Basically what happens is that my Mom will sign everyone up to the birthday clubs or kids clubs that pretty much every restaurant has. When someone’s birthday comes around she will receive coupons through mail an de-mail. Then, then week before, of, and after, we go around town collecting free food. Along the way we take photos and Mom makes a list of everything we’re getting. Below are photos from my 13th B-Day Food Adventure.




Jersey Mike’s




Dunkin’ Donuts