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Food for Orphans 2014

Food for Orphans is an annual program held by Fellowship Greenville where families pack hundreds of meals for starving children around the globe. On the planned Saturday a bunch of volunteers come to the church building, are assigned to a table, and then given a job at that table. Below are a couple of pictures that show the steps.

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Fellowship Greenville

Small-Group Bonfire


Breaking from our weekly tradition of going to the Suber’s house, my family’s small-group had a bonfire at the Hawkin’s home. We had a great time roasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate. After we each had our fill of smores, the kids began a game of Man Hunt. It was during this past time that the highlight of the evening occurred.

After waiting patiently in some bushes, I had finally caught Reagan, the fastest and least captured participant. I victoriously marched him back to our “prison” (a dog pen) and we began to make plans on how to capture the only player left: Sydney.

In Man Hunt, those who are not in prison can tag those who are captured in order to free them. It was knowledge of this rule which caused me to urge Haydn to guard the back wall of the prison. As I attempted to appeal to my brother, I happened to notice Sydney taking advantage of the pen’s lack of protection.

As the prisoners flew from their cage with their guards in hot pursuit of them, I sighed in despair at the thought that I would have to, once again, attend to the weary task of catching Reagan. I looked back at the prison and was surprised to find that Sydney was not running off with everyone else. She slumped over the fence and gasped, “I’m tired. Just tag me.” I walked across the now empty prison and touched her.

Not wanting to walk around, Sydney began to climb over the fence. Thanks to my assistance she made it over, just not off. Somehow, in one movement, one of Sydney’s bootstraps became intricately woven into a broken part of the fence. When various jerks and yanks did not release her, I lowered Sydney to the ground.


Due to the immense darkness, my efforts to free my friend were useless. Reagan tried, then Haydn, then Skyline, but it was no use. Sydney was stuck and she was stuck good. Reagan told me to go get a camera so I ran and fetched my mom’s phone. After a few more minutes of fiddeling, Sydney told us to go get her dad.


Mr. Amos came running over, but when he reached his daughter the first words out of his mouth were, “Sydney? Is your boot okay?” We all laughed at this. Thankfully he was able to pull Sydney’s foot out of her shoe and then free the boot from the fence’s determined grip. Though her boot was damaged, Sydney is still in-tack. At least now the Hawkins have more reason to fix their fence. 😂

Fellowship Greenville

AWANA Grand Pre 2012

A couple of years ago, Fellowship Greenville (then known as Southside Fellowship) ran a program called AWANA. Every Wednesday night, my siblings and I would go to our church to play games, recite Bible verses, worship, and hang out with friends. Every spring there was an AWANA Grand Pre, where kids could make cars and then race them. Three medals were given to the three fastest cars in each group and for the three with the best design. Below are photos from the AWANA Grand Pre of 2012.

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Fellowship Greenville

Look Up Lodge 2014

Every summer my church, Fellowship Greenville, took a group of rising third, fourth, and fifth graders to a camp known as Look Up Lodge. My sister, Ansa, was old enough to go in 2014 but, every time the subject was brought up, she would burst into tears. Finally, Mom said that she would go as Ansa’s counselor. Then Haydn wanted Dad to be his counselor, so I was either going to stay home alone for four days or go camping with the rest of my family. I went camping.

I had been to Look Up Lodge twice before: as a rising fourth grader in 2010 and a rising fifth grader in 2011. LUL quickly became my home away from home because it was there that I felt closest to God. In the summer of 2012, I became downcast at the reminder that I was too old to go back so, when I heard I would be going during the summer of 2014, you can imagine how elated I was. I, however, did not realize the extent of my joy until the night before we left.

I was asleep from 10:00 to 11:00 PM- until I woke up. I was tired, but no matter how hard I tried I could not fall back asleep. I read books, played a couple rounds of solitaire (and failed every one), gathered a couple more things to pack in the morning, assembled my new flashlight, and so on. I was back in bed soon after I discovered that walking around was not helping.

Why couldn’t I fall asleep? Well for one, I was very excited. Even though I did not feel excited, I was on the inside and when I’m excited I can not sleep. Two, I was hungry. Very hungry, and I can not sleep when I’m hungry. I began to debate if I should eat one of the roll-ups in my secret candy stash. For a little while I didn’t, for I thought the sugar would rouse me even more. Finally, at 3:30 AM, I slid out of bed, fetched the roll up, ate it, and fell asleep before the flavor had been washed off my taste buds.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Despite how little I slept the night before, I was up bright and early Wednesday morning. Since Mom and Dad were to be counselors, we were requested to arrive on sight at 12:00 o’clock, two hours and 15 minutes early. The other campers were not supposed to come until about 2:15. Despite the 30 minute drive, my family and I arrived according to schedule.

We had Room 8 this year, which I believe is the same room I had in 2011. Mom, Ansa, and I unpacked, walked around, received our team bands (we were on the black team.), and tidied up our room. Then the girls who would later become known as our Room 8 roommates began to arrive.

We spent about two hours at the ball courts, at least everyone but us. The Room 8 roommates were very hot, so we went back to our room and hung out there. When everyone else returned, we split up into four different color groups. I took a photo of the Room 8 roommates and then a one of the Black Team.

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The Black team went to a semi-hidden room and played Ghost in the Graveyard. For this game, one person is picked to be the ghost while everyone else lays on the ground. The Ghost goes around and tries to make those on the floor laugh. If you laugh, you become a ghost. Ghosts can not touch the other people. I smiled a lot in the first round but, by the second time around, I had it down. By the end, there was a large group of ghosts hovering around my body trying to make me laugh by sticking their feet in my face and making potty jokes (they were getting desperate 😂). How did I resist? Well, for one, I held my breath. 😂 😂 No, but really:

  1. I thought of scenarios that made me sad.
  2. I was determined not to become a ghost because I do not consider myself to be funny.
  3. I thought of why what they did was not funny, even if the reasons I came up with were not true.
  4. I thought of this game as a chance to practice my acting skills.
Rachel, Ansley, and Mia

We went back to the ball courts for about 30 minutes where I passed the time playing Gaga Ball. Before I knew it, I was in line for dinner. After we ate, we returned to our cabins, gathered our stuff for Chapel, took the nature trail to Chapel, attended Chapel, came back, did after-Chapel devotions, went to the Canteen, returned to our cabins, and went to bed. I fell asleep around 2:30 AM. #ilovecamp 😴

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Despite how late we stayed up the night before, Room 8 was up long before breakfast. After hearing that it would be a while until our turn to eat, the Room 8 roommates went down to the lake where we took a couple of “#wherestheleave” photos (a campaign Fellowship Greenville was doing at the time).

Where's the Leaf?

We ended up having time to spare, so the Room 8 roommates decided to walk half of the nature trail that encircles the lake. We stopped at the swing (which was closed at the time), and I began to organize everyone for a photo. Just when they were near perfection, the breakfast bell rang so the image below is not as OCD friendly as it could be. 🙄 😍

A Circle of Friends

While in line for breakfast, I gave my camera to Mia and she took a couple pictures of Haydn and me.

T+H in Line for Breakfast

Toward the end of free time, the Room 8 roommates hung out in our cabin.

Trying to take a Picture

When Mom told us that it was about dinner time, I began to brush and braid my hair. When I finished one braid, I paused and stepped away from the mirror to add something to a conversation. Ansley asked if I was going to dinner with my hair half braided, so I acted like I was. When I stopped and began to explain that I was not, Mom cut me off and said that I should. It only took a few seconds for all the Room 8 roommates to decide that we should all wear our hair half-and-half. For the next few minutes, all I heard were girls chanting requests for me to braid their hair. We finished just in time and had a lot of fun acting like we were completely normal. I was somewhat surprised that not many people looked at us weird (at least that I noticed). 😂 😂

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Day three was our last full day at camp. After breakfast, we went to chapel before heading to the Canteen where Mom said we were to meet our summer staffers. While we waited, everyone began looking for money that might have fallen through the cracks of the Canteen porch. Several kids found a quarter each.


During the activity we had been waiting to begin, our summer staffers (Jonathan and Lauren), taught us more about Psalm 23. We pretended that Lauren was a shepherd and that us campers were sheep.


With that as our mindset, we began a very long hike to the top of a large hill where we were able to interact with real sheep.

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When we returned to our cabins, it was free time, so everyone changed out of their clothes and into their swimsuits. Afterward, we had dinner before heading off to Chapel. As far as I know, all of the girls in our cabin took the nature trail to the Chapel. This was the first time we took the nature trail and arrived at Chapel early. Usually doing so puts us behind schedule. We were so excited when the Black Team was called in first: we got front row seats!

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Jonathan took my camera and, after figuring out how to work it, took some photos and a video.

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Day four was our last day at camp. 😭 After breakfast, my fellow campers and I went to Chapel for our last gathering. I took a picture of Rachel before the lights dimmed, and then captured a couple pics of Look Up Lodge’s heroes: Hugle Hugle, Quincy Quick Draw, Pirate Dave, and Sir Hector.

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The fun was over way too soon, and we began the long walk back to our cabins. After lots of hugs and sad farewells (along with some last-minute shirt signing), my family and I grabbed our stuff, loaded up the car, and drove away. Until next time, Look Up Lodge!