Spirit Week 2016

Greer Middle College’s last spirit week in the Trailer Park was something else. Currently, our building to be is in progress so all the money raised during spirit week went into our building fund. The bittersweet fact that our portables are seeing their last days landed a quote from Coach Smith on the back of our spirit week T-shirts:

“You can take the Blazers out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the Blazers.” -Coach Smith

Sweek consisted of ‘Merica Monday, Tacky Tourist Tuesday, “Heroes and Villians” on Wednesday, “Color Wars” on Thursday (the Sophomore class, my grade, was neon yellow), and #GMCcameinlikeawreckingball on Friday. When all was said and done, my fellow Blazers and I had raised $42,629.97. This total was not only higher than our rival, Brashier, but also a new record. Go, Blazers!


Beta Club Inauguration

On October third I was inaugurated into The National Beta Club. The ceremony was better than I expected (since “inauguration” sounds painful). Our student government seated my fellow students and me in alphabetical order and then called us to the stage by row. Mrs. Bailey read off our name, Mrs. Moore gave us our certificate, Mrs. Earle gave us our official Beta Club pin, Mr. Armstrong (our principal) shook our hand and whispered “congratulations”, and then the students who run Beta Club each gave us a fist pump as we walked across the stage. Once everyone had received their certificate and pin, my fellow inductees and I read the Beta Club pledge along with our student body president Bryson Bargar. I am extremely honored to officially be a part of Beta Club and I can not wait to discover what new adventures the future now holds!

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An Unexpected Turn of Events

Monday, September 19, 2016

Haydn’s co-op ends at 2:55 PM. Dad picks him up and then they sit in the Greenville Tech parking lot until 3:40 when my college class ends. Knowing this, you can understand my confusion when I exited the building to find the van nowhere in sight. I did not worry, at first. I was released a little early and they probably got stuck in traffic or something.

I walked up the sidewalk along the parking lot and stopped under the shade of some trees. I scanned and re-scanned the parking lot, just in case Dad parked somewhere else and I missed him. Nothing. I watched the Cross-Country team run from GMC to the field in front of the college where they usually practice. I noted that they are usually on the field when I leave so I must have been released earlier than I thought. However, as each minute passed, I became more and more tempted to worry rather than trust God.

It only takes 10 minutes to get from UHC to GMC and Dad is NEVER late so, even if there was traffic, this did not explain his absence. Determined to trust God and not worry, I looked away from the road and acknowledge the clouds floating above my high school. They were HUGE. As I stood in awe of God’s beauty I couldn’t help but imagine what a great picture it would make. Sadly, I did not have my camera (aka, Mom’s phone).

By now several minutes had passed and I attempted to calmly run through the day’s schedule for my family: after school, we were going to stop by Krispy Kreme for Pirate Day however, I drew a blank when I could not recall the final decision about who, how, and when. Dad and Mom planned on attending the 9th and 10th Grade Parent Information Meeting that evening at 6:00 and I made another mental note to remind them that we did not need to go. There was something going on in the afternoon, but I couldn’t remember exactly what. Again, I began to worry so I quietly sang the first worship song that popped into my head (I do not recall what it was). Finally, I sat down on a nearby bench and gazed at the clouds.

By the time I spotted Kaylee and Olivia (friends from my high school) exiting the college, I had already begun considering that something must have happened. What type of something? I only had one idea: a wreck. My eyes began to water. What if Dad is hurt? What if he died? I stopped. No. I thought. I’m not going to go there. I glanced at the road again and noticed Kaylee and Olivia walking on the far sidewalk. I hopped up, pulled on my backpack, and began walking towards them as they noticed me and waved.

I had planned on asking Kaylee if I could text my mom, but I never did. Before the whistle that morning (which is blown by our principal five minutes before the first bell) Kaylee had asked Becca if she could walk home with her. Becca said Kaylee could if Becca didn’t have to work. “Did you not walk home with Becca?” I asked Kaylee. No, because in the middle of first period Becca’s boss texted her asking if she could work. Of course, Becca said yes despite really wanting to go home in order to complete her homework and study for a college test on Wednesday. “I’d say we could take you home but I don’t know where my dad is,” I explained. We had a very short conversation about Pirate Day, they continued walking toward the high school, Olivia asked about the Geometry homework, they continued walking, and then I asked about the time: 3:45, much earlier than I had expected. Reluctantly I returned to the bench half expecting Dad to pull up right then and give a perfectly reasonable explanation for why he was late. But he didn’t.

I pulled out “The Kite Runner”, a book I was reading for Literature & Film, and began to read where I had left off in class that morning. My reading was quite bumpy as I kept glancing at the road to examine each passing vehicle. As each minute dragged on the feeling that my family had been in a car wreck became more and more prominent in my mind. I focused on the words I was looking at: “‘I’ll come back with your morphine and glass of water, Kaka Jan,’ Soraya said. ‘Not tonight,’ he said. “There is no pain tonight.’ ‘Okay,’ she said. She pulled up his blanket. We closed the door. Baba never woke up” (Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner). And then the sirens sounded.

Firetrucks and police cars, but (I prayed) no ambulances. Their noise was so loud I knew they were driving along the roads that box in GVLTC and GMC. I beat the feeling but, in the end, I could not ignore it: my family had been in a wreck. There was no other explanation.

My eyes began to water but I fought back the tears and prayed. Oh, what a desperate prayer I prayed. “Lord, please let them be all right. Please let them be all right.” And then I reminded myself that God has everything under control. Everything will be alright, no matter what happens. Everything will be alright… “God is good,” I whispered to myself, remembering a quote from God’s not Dead. “All the time. And all the time, God is good.” I blinked away the last of my tears, took a deep breath, and turned back to my book.

Moments later a red car came to a halt several feet away. I did not pay much attention to it until it honked and my mom got out of the passenger’s seat. She motioned me to come so I dropped my book into my backpack, zipped it up, and obeyed. Once by her side she gave me a hug and said, “We were in a wreck. Everyone is okay but Ansa is a little shaken up.” She then explained that “this nice lady”, the driver, had checked to see if they were alright and offered to come pick me up. Once introduced I was directed to the back seat and we made our way to the point of impact.


Mom and Ansa had picked Haydn up from UHC and then gone to Krispy Kreme for Pirate Day. From there they went home to pick up Dad (who was doing a podcast) and drop off their four dozen donuts (three for dressing up and one for sharing a picture on SnapChat). Then all for of them came to get me.

Despite being in a conversation about college, Dad missed the main entrance for Greenville Tech. Instead of taking the back way, he decided to turn around by taking a left into someone’s driveway. Mid-turn my family was T-Boned by a white truck Dad had not noticed.

Dad banged his head against his window, Mom was slung so hard that her sunglasses flew off her head and landed in the back, Haydn was thrown towards his window but caught himself before contact was made, and Ansa was tossed. By the time I arrived at the site, Dad had a headache, Mom felt as if she had been punched in the jaw, Haydn was fine, and Ansa was suffering through the first of many headaches due to a likely concussion.

The van was totaled. We will never drive it again.

After hearing of the minor injuries and examining the burst tire, missing window, jammed doors, and various other damages, I could no longer hold back my tears. God was with my family that day. He could have easily taken them all home but, instead, He answered my prayer.

I will never be able to fully express or justly describe my gratitude. “Thank You, Lord. Thank You.” The only words I was able to speak in between my silent sobs. Ansa, who was as pink as the shirt she was wearing, crawled into the back with me and we held each other as the tears continued to flow. God IS good. I thought. All the time. And all the time, God IS good.

To see more photos from this event, click here. Once in Flickr, click the arrow on your right to view the next picture. Thanks!


Winter Ball 2016

IMG_3334Winter Ball was the last dance of the school year. It was originally canceled (because of snow) but, thankfully, rescheduled to a later date. I had originally invited Heidi, my best friend, but she could not make it. You can imagine how excited I was when she was free on the new date.

Heidi came over early, along with Lucy (a fellow student), and we got ready together at my house. We met up with a group of my friends from school at a Mediterranean restaurant for dinner. After that, we headed off to the dance.

As usual, I did not know the majority of the songs played. It was about the same with Heidi however, she had previously heard much more than I had. Although she didn’t have to, Olivia Kissinger graciously taught Heidi and me the moves to a few songs. I thought that was very thoughtful of her.

The food there was good as well, at least I thought so. Heidi refused to try the brownies due to her belief that they had been messed with. This caused me to be a little hesitant, but I later had a couple and informed Heidi that they were fine. She gave me a teasing smile and said that effects occur a while after you even have eaten whatever she was suspecting. We laughed. I had a lot of fun with Heidi and Lucy and cannot wait for more opportunities to participate in events like this next year.


Spirit Week 2016

PicMonkey Collage2Due to snow, school was canceled on the first two days of Spirit Week (Friday and Monday), but that didn’t stop my school spirit! Even though I stayed home all day, I still dressed up. School was back on the schedule for Tuesday, despite the two-hour delay, and the sunshine that greeted us (due to the later time) was perfect for that day’s theme: Aloha. To the left are my outfits. Can you guess which day is which? Here are your options: ‘Merica Day, Greek vs Grease vs Greece Day, Aloha Day, Netflix Day, Senior Citizen Day, and #orangeyougladyoudontgotobrashier Day.


Although we didn’t reach our goal of 50K, GMC raised 23,000 for the Greenville Cancer Department and our building fund and we beat Brashier in the process! #orangeyougladyoudontgotobrashier? Go Blazers!

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Halloween 2015

I had a hard time deciding what to wear for Halloween. After a lot of dressing up and much consideration, I decided to be Queen Sunflower (my role in a game I invented/ book I wrote) for Trailer Park Treating (an event at school), but I promised Ansa that I would go Trick-or-Treating dressed as Anna from Disney’s Frozen. Below are pictures of this year’s costumes:

IMG_0312 IMG_0439

Upon returning to the house, my siblings and I counted our candy. It took a while but we were able to see who had the most. Haydn came in first with 229 pieces, I came in second with 205, and Ansa in third with 186. I had a great time and can not wait for next year.


The Civilization Project

The Civilization Project was the major assignment during quarter one in Mr. Stone’s World Cultures class. This being a group project, I was assigned to work with Scott Gifford, Noah Fuller, Abbey Runion, and Madelene Williams. Together we spent nine weeks pouring our time, tears, and almost blood into this project. To our immense relief and great joy, we made a 95: the highest grade in our 2A class. Go, team!

image IMG_0190


Dance on the Deck

On September 18, 2015, my school held its annual Dance on the Deck. This year’s theme was “swing by day, rave by night”. I went with Abigail and Grace Smith, the girls in my car-pool, and had a blast although, at times, it was a little awkward. Why? One: I can’t dance. Two: I didn’t know/recognize 99% of the songs they played. Three: I was in a group of five girls who each paired with someone else due to my “amazing” dancing skills. No, it was actually me that pulled away so I could take pictures (thanks again to Grace for letting me use her phone). Besides those three things, I had a great time and can’t wait ’till next year.

FullSizeRender 7 FullSizeRender 5  FullSizeRender FullSizeRender 2


Trailer Park Pride

During Blazer Block (High-School Advisory) on Friday, September 4th, my fellow Freshman and I completed a photo scavenger hunt. We were given a list of pictures we needed to in certain places or with certain poises. I had a lot of fun and hope we do something like this again. Below are a couple of the photos taken. Special thanks to Grace Smith for letting me use her phone to take pics for you all.

IMG_3107 IMG_3108 IMG_3116 IMG_3119 IMG_3121

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The Perks of Being Home

One thing I have enjoyed about being back home is that I can once again craft at my own free will. Having to suppress my urge to create, due to the lack of supplies, was one of the few downsides to our two month trip out west. Below are pictures and brief descriptions of items I have created or decorated since returning home.

IMG_9266 I have several bins on my three book shelves for storing my profuse craft supplies, however, it was becoming annoying to have to dig through them when in search of small items like close pins, buttons, or buttons. Determined to create easier access to such items, I journeyed down to our basement from which I retrieved several Mason Jars (leftover from when my mom went through a canning phase). After much washing and drying, I pulled out my washi tape and wrapped each jar. Doing so increased the visual appeal to said jars while still maintaining their uniformity. Finally, I sorted my cutting utensils, measuring tapes, and other miscellaneous supplied into their own individual jar. These cute jars are going to save so much time!



A while ago my younger friends and I created a pass-time we call “nature royalty“. This game inspired me to create the piece of art depicted to the left. Using my Cuttle-Bug, I cut several branches of leaves out of paper before interlacing and pasting them. I then attached several gems (pink for spring, green and yellow for summer, red and orange for fall, and silver and blue for winter) and snowflakes to the appropriate places. Lastly, I stuck on letters forming the words “Queen Sunflower”, below which I wrote “queen of all seasons”. I love how pretty this creation turned out to be.


IMG_9454This fall I began my freshman year of high school at GMC and so, prior to the first day of school, I decorated the only two composition notebooks I am required to have. The one on the left is for Freshman Success (a class dedicated to helping you transition from middle school to high school) and the one on the right is for Physical Education (or PE). I covered my Freshman Success notebook with scrapbook paper before laminating it with duck tape, which I folded over the edges of the cover in order to preserve the corners. For my PE notebook, I picked out several rolls of washi tape which I put in an order before attaching them to the cover.



One of our first assignments in English I was to create an “identity page” we were to present to the class in order to get to know each other better than we did before. This project was assigned a week in advance but my crafty heart was so excited to about this chance to create that I completed the assignment that day. 😅 In addition to our name, we were required to have pictures (at least one of which we had to be in) so I chose one of my family, my siblings, and a cute one of me and my mom. In order to fulfill the “about me” purpose of the assignment, I wrote facts about myself in the circles which were on the paper: I love to sing, craft, write, draw, and act; I am a perfectionist; I talk a lot; I love my family; I have a blog; I love peacocks; I am 13 years old; I keep a journal. Lastly, we were required to have a quote:

“It is better to be hated for who you are rather than loved for who you are not.” -Marilynn Monroe