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Back to School Haircut 2015

IMG_9622 IMG_9629IMG_9623 IMG_9635


Teen Makeover

On December 17 I went over to Heidi’s so that she could help me review for a Pre-Algebra test. After an hour of tutoring we went up to her room and, of course, did a makeover. We went for a natural look since we both had to go to choir practice soon after.





A Birthday Makeover

A week before my birthday party Heidi came over and, after talking for a while, Heidi began to work her magic. Below I have posted before and after pics.

DSCN3084 After Makeover

1 DSCN3111

I wanted to give Heidi a makeover (so I could learn how she does everything so perfectly), but after a while of repeating the same steps over, I gave her the wheel. Below are her before and after pictures.

DSCN3113 DSCN3116

We also did makeovers on my siblings. I did Haydn; Heidi did Ansa.

DSCN3090 DSCN3112

Makeovers · Thomas Theater

Frozen Makeover

Today I was playing with my make up trying to decide what kind of make up to use to make Hannah Suber and I look like Elsa and Anna. (We’re doing Frozen as a play with the small group kids.) The biggest challenge was trying to make myself look white with the final look looking natural. To compare the make up for Elsa and Anna I did both of them on either side of my face. This is what it turned out to look like:

Photo on 5-11-14 at 3.42 PM

I don’t like how you can see my fingerprints on Elsa’s side but maybe Hannah will do a better job. I’m planning on her doing her own make up anyway since she is fourteen. Anna is easy. Just pink lip gloss, tan blush, and tan eyeshadow with a hint of gold. I hope the performance will turn out better then take one of make up!


BFF Makeover

Yesterday I went to my BF’s house for a hang out. Right before dinner we decided to do a makeover. We went for the more natural look since Heidi and I would be at AWANA upon the next hour. I thought it would be cool if we both had the same hairstyle, although Heidi said that she did not look good in the one that I was wearing. So I ended up with a twisted side pony tail and Heidi had two strands of her hair pinned back.

Tristen BM Tristen AM

Heidi BM Heidi AM


A Saturday Makeover

The Saturday before Easter my brother and Logan came into my room saying that he wanted to be Darth Maul. After showing me what he looked like I pulled out my make up and began to decorate his face. Haydn explained that Darth Maul had a brother and that Logan was playing him. Once I finished Haydn Logan changed his mind about wanted to be Darth Maul’s brother, he wanted to be a dragon instead.

Since I was busy painting my own face Haydn painted Logan like a dragon. Lauren and Ansa came in and seeing what we were doing began to apply make up to their own faces. Sadly they had washed it off by the time I took out my camera to take pictures.

Darth Maul & his Dragon
  Darth Maul & his Dragon

Thomas & Colbert Makeover

For one week in August 2013 my mom’s side of the family gathered in Greenville to celebrate my Grandpa’s 90th birthday. One of those days the Colberts and some friends gathered at our house to watch our 2012 Christmas Tree burn. While we waited for the boys to finish stuffing it full of explosives, the girls went to my room to have a makeover. This makeover the girls were Madeline, Ansa, and I. They had fun dressing up after getting made over. Here are some pics of us after the makeover:

Madeline MO Madeline MO

Ansa MO Ansa MO

Tristen MO Tristen MO

Makeovers · Neighbors

A Nature Royalty Makeover

Today our friends the Litkes, and our neighbors Lauren, Logan, Josh, and Ethan, came over to our house for a playdate. The girls went to my room where we began a Nature Royalty makeover.

Nature Royalty is a game I invented. I also wrote a book about it. In the game I am Queen Sunflower, Queen of all nature. I adopted four daughters and appointed them each their own season to rule over:

  • Ansa – Princess Forget Me Not – Princess of Spring
  • Lauren – Princess Rose – Princess of Summer
  • Abby – Princess Daisy – Princess of Fall
  • Katie – Princess Bluebell – Princess of Winter

Here are some of the pictures I took before the makeover:

Princess Forget Me Not
Princess Forget Me Not
Lauren BM
Princess Rose


Abby BM
Princess Daisy
Katie BM
Princess Blue Bell

Here are some pictures I took after the makeover:

Ansa AM Ansa AM Close Up


Lauren AM Lauren AM Close Up

Abby AM Abby AM Close Up 2

Katie AM Katie AM Close Up

They turned out better then I expected. Katie’s was my favorite. I did them youngest to oldest so by the time I got to Ansa everyone’s patience had been spent so I just did something simple. Comment below to tell me what your favorite makeover is!