Time for an Apology

The notification kept popping up:


Looks like you have used 3.0 GB of your 3.0 GB upload limit (99%). Since you are close to your limit, you might want to consider purchasing a WordPress.com Premium plan.

With the upgrade, you’ll also be able to upload mp3, m4a, wav, and ogg audio files (great for podcasting).

I didn’t pay much attention to it at first, that is until I was unable to upload any more photos. I didn’t panic. I simply went through the media filling my blog’s memory and reasoned my way to deleting pictures that were not truly needed in one post or another. I did this right before I went to write each new post. As one might guess, I came to a point where I could delete no more. I came upon this barricade the day I sat down to blog about my family’s trip to Alaska. I went through and deleted a few more pictures, but it simply was not enough. Finally, I brought the issue up to my dad and he suggested that I get a Flickr account. So that’s what I did.

It seemed so simple at first: I would upload my pictures to Flickr and attach the link to each of my future posts. Those who wished to see pictures could click on the link and browse through the media. No problem! But then reality decided to pay a visit.

First of all, I went to the beginning of my photo library and began to upload the best shots so that my subscribers could also view the photos that are already on my blog. Being me, I uploaded each batch in chronological order. It was then that we began to have Wi-Fi problems that only seemed to occur when I had time to sit down and upload photos. On top of this, I began having multiple issues with photos, memory, etc. which only slowed down the process even more.

Eventually, those issues cleared up and I was able to upload photos each day after school. However, this process was soon discovered to not be a fast one as I had applied a few rules when it came to picking which photos to upload. I had come to the realization that Flickr is a great way to advertise my growing talent in photography and a great place to send those who might be interested in my work. So I made rules when choosing my photos:

  1. I have to have taken the photo
  2. It must have good quality

These may not seem like time-consuming rules but it caused me to spend a few seconds longer on each photo that came across my screen. These rules also had me go back through the photos I had already uploaded and delete the ones that did not follow the rules (which was a lot and I had to delete them individually). I had originally planned to be done before my family and I left for our two-month trip North East this summer, which would have given me time to catch up on my blogging, but, as you can see, that did not happen.

I am SO SORRY you all had to wait so long to receive new posts and I am very thankful for your patience. I was really stressed out about not getting back to blogging as soon as I had hoped but, in the end, it worked out. Thanks for your interest in my blog, it inspires me to keep writing. Thanks again for your patience. Check your inbox, new posts about Alaska and our adventures so far North East are coming VERY soon. Chow!

Click here to go to my Flickr page. Click here to view my albums on Flickr.



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The Biggest Stuffed Animal Ever

On October 23rd we were out running errands and found this massive stuffed animal bear at Costco. I believe it costs $110. I am five and a half feet tall so, standing up, this bear is about eight or ten feet tall. That is a big bear!