Vacation Bible School

West Gate VBS 2014

The first of the three VBSs we attended this summer was the VBS held at West Gate Baptist Church. I was too old to attend as a student this year, so I attended as a volunteer for the 6th grade. I forgot to take pictures during the week, but remembered the night of the costume contest.

Tristen Haydn the Robot Ansa the Angel

Jacob the Scientest Katie the Astronaut

Ansa and Charlotte
Ansa and Charlotte, the Angel and Super Woman, won for the 2nd grade


Vacation Bible School

West Gate VBS 2013

Our former next door neighbors, the Litkes,  invited my siblings and I to join their VBS during the summer of 2013. The week was full of fun activities and games. Then at the end of the week they announced a costume contest. For the last day you could come dressed as a King, Queen, Prince, Princess, or a fairytale creature. There would be one winner for every grade. I was very excited.

This is not how I looked for the contest. Here my sleeves aren’t tied and I’m not wearing my cape.
For my hairdo I just braided my hair and then twirled it into a bun. Abby let me borrow her flower Tiara and I pin it into my hair.
Haydn dressed as a knight and the shield he decided to use is a craft we made earlier in the week.
Ansa dressed as a Princess to and borrowed Katie’s blue flower Tiara.

In the end Ansa won for her grade and I for mine. It was a lot of fun and I hope we can attend this summer.