Meet My Dad

My dad’s name is Rick Thomas (no, not the magician in Branson, Missouri 😂 😂). He was born and raised in North Carolina but moved here to attend college. Since then he has met my mom, started his second family (a story for another time), and began his at-home job: Counseling Solutions, more commonly known as RickThomas.Net. Because my dad’s business exists online, he can work anywhere his heart desires (as long as he has Wi-Fi) which allows our family to do amazing things like two-month road trips.

My dad is a Buffalo loving, North Carolina Tar Heel’s basketball fan who is always up for an adventure with the family. It has been said that he never meets a stranger, so going anywhere with my dad is bound to become an anecdote. Whether he’s taking selfies when someone asks him to take a picture of them, bringing home a snapping turtle he found in the middle of the road, or trying to get the cashier at Lowe’s Foods to unjinx him and Mom, making memories with my dad is inevitable. 😂 😂 To read more articles about my father, click here.

Dad’s sites: RickThomas.NetFamily BlogYouTube


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