Meet My Mom

IMG_5223My mother’s name is Lucia Thomas. She is a stay at home mom who does administrative stuff for my dad’s business in addition to being a servant 24/7, literally. The only time she serves herself is a few hours every night when she’s sleeping.

In the morning she wakes up early and heads to the office where she works on Dad’s stuff until her three little angels wake up. Semi-forced away from her laptop she heads downstairs and cooks breakfast for everyone. We head upstairs and begin our schoolwork while she stays downstairs about 30 minutes more eating her breakfast and tidying up. The afternoon is spent teaching Haydn and Ansa and, when they are let out for the day, she heads for her Mac and usually stays on it until evening doing some things for Dad’s biz along with answering/taking several phone calls. After dinner, she cleans up the downstairs and then tries to finish some task before she finally goes to bed. Every once in awhile, which is rare, she gets some free time which is spent gardening, unless there are taxes to finish filing.

I believe I will only understand all that she does for us when I one day become a mother myself. My family and I are extremely blessed to have her and we try to tell her this every day. To read more posts about my mom, click here.


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