Meet My Sister

IMG_5087My little sister’s name is Ansa Katherine Thomas. Ansa stands for the “Australian National Sail Boating Association”, or at least it does in Australia. My Dad found her name on a Greek baby names website. Mom did not like it at first, saying that she was going to call the baby Annie Kate, but, by the time Ansa was born, everyone was so used to Ansa that Mom finally gave in.

She has blue eyes and curly blonde hair you can examine to determine how humid it is outside. The more the humidity, the curlier her hair. We went on a two month trip out west over the summer and as soon as we crossed the Mississippi my sister’s hair became the straightest I have ever seen it when in its natural state.

Ansa has a bubbly personality that pretty much matches her hair, once you get to know her. She might seem as quiet as a church mouse when you first meet her but, get her alone with her family with His Radio on, and you’ll get tired just by watching her leap and dance around everything in sight.

AK is currently ten years old and is crazy about pink, baby dolls, dogs, stuffed animals, etc. Every time she sees a doll, she wants it. She doesn’t really need another doll but, I guess she thinks she can’t have enough of them.

Ansa also changes her clothes, what seems to be, every second. We find her clothes all over the place. In the van, all the rooms, and, on rare occasions, even outside. She does the same thing with her shoes. What is really odd is that she hardly ever wears her shoes, but she wants to have ever shoe that’s pretty. Ansa is wonderful and it has been fun to watch her grow and learn.

“If you mess with the big sister there is always a younger, crazier sister behind her. That’s the one you don’t want to mess with!”

“Side by side, or miles apart, sisters will always be connected at heart.”


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