Meet My Sister

My sister’s name is Ansa which stands for the “Australian National Sail Boating Association,” or at least it does in Australia. 😂 😂 My dad found her title on a Greek baby names website. Mom did not like it at first, saying that she was going to call the baby Annie Kate, but, by the time Ansa was born, Dad had my brother and me so accustomed to “Ansa” that Mom finally gave in.

Ansa Kate (as my mom stubbornly called her for a little while) has curly, blonde hair you can consult to determine how humid it is outside. The higher the humidity, the more crimped her hair. We went on a two month trip out west one summer and, as soon as we crossed the Mississippi, my sister’s hair became the straightest I have ever seen it naturally.

AK is currently 12 years old and has a growing interest/talent in the culinary arts. One of these days I’m going to get her to start making my school lunches, especially her stromboli. Yum! Ansa also loves color, animals, and her family, which is nothing new. Ever since she could sit up, she has loathed being without her mother.

Ansa has a crazy personality which matches her hair, once you get to know her. She might seem as quiet as a church mouse when you first meet her but, get her alone with her family and an active radio, and you’ll get tired by merely watching her leap and dance around everything in sight. 😂 😂 To read more posts about my sister, click here.

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