Tried & True

Ever since I was a little girl I have been interested in earning money. I suppose I got my entrepreneurial spirit from my dad. My love for business began as me taking on the role of the General Store owner when my siblings and I played town. This passion became a reality when my best friend, Heidi, and I began our own little store called Go Green Accessories (G.G.A.). For a while G.G.A. thrived, bringing in income every week, but then business slowed down. During that time, my latest hobby became sewing clothes and I turned that passion into my own little biz which I called U Fashions. Sadly, it never picked up any business and I gave up on it soon after it was born. Sometime after that, Heidi handed me the title of CEO and stepped out of G.G.A.’s picture. I managed to keep it alive for years afterward, but it never saw another dollar. Recently I have started another company: Tried & True. I do not own the copyright to my biz but hope to one day purchase it and make T&T my main source of income.

Tried & True has four branches: Crafts, Films, Novels, and Photography, each of which is a talent I have turned into a hobby. Currently, I plan on saving any income for my future (particularly college). Please explore each branch (via the drop down menu under “Tried & True”) and consider purchasing my products. If interested, please comment and we can further discuss business via email. Thanks!

-Tristen Thomas (CEO of Tried & True)